The Fall Stickley Sale: Beautiful Savings for Every Room

We are proud to be the largest single store Stickley dealer in the country, and excited to announce the arrival of our Fall Stickley Sale, going on now through November 3rd!

Visit our showrooms in Tigard and Eugene to experience The Stickley Difference for yourself, and to save big on a classic you’ve had your eye on or a brand-new item you just can’t resist. Either way, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to save on the outstanding craftsmanship that’s a part of every single Stickley piece ever made.

Looking for that iconic piece of Stickley furniture that will fit in your home without fail? Below are just a few of our favorite pieces of Stickley furniture that have just arrived here on the Paul Schatz Furniture showroom floor. Take a look at even more Stickley pieces here, and be sure to come in and find the piece that speaks to you, at savings of up to 35% off through November 3rd.

All That Glitters is not Just Gold


Fall is nearly here, and with it, some new seasonal trends. One of our favorites is easy to implement in your own home with a few minor touches, since it involves two colors you most likely have in your home already. This autumn, black and gold is the new black.

Some metallics and colors go together like peanut butter and jelly, and the elegant combination of gold and black is one such pairing. In this union, black acts as a solid base, while gold takes up the accent role. The two colors — so seemingly opposing — have the effect of offering a chic and fitted look for your home. Take a look at the photos below for some inspiration.

Inspiration and Purpose in Interior Design


Paul Schatz Furniture Interior Designer, Laura Ryder, took a few moments to share a little bit of insight into what interior design is really about, and how working with clients to achieve their dream look entails. Here’s what she had to say: 

Each design scenario is so different, we don’t (or should not) design for our personal preferences but for the sensibilities of our clients, so a broad stroke is difficult.

For me, my job is to take the broad picture or “feeling” a client wants and make sure it has balance and unity and that the scale is appropriate, while ensuring great circulation and movement. Then, it’s my job to unify the space with the adjacent spaces. Not very exciting stuff, until you get the room that feels right and flows with the rest of the home!

Nature is my first inspiration; color combinations in flowers or sunsets; the steel gray sky against the spring green leaves and so on. Most of the time, I will try to draw the colors from the view into the room to elongate the spatial perception and flow. This doesn’t always work but most times it can have impact.

So far as accessorizing goes, odd numbers and vignettes are the key for me. I prefer groupings rather than single “things” placed throughout the room.

I love Paul Schatz Furniture because we change weekly; we add new accessories weekly and constantly change things up. That proves to a homeowner that sometimes simply moving things around can freshen a room and make them notice one thing over another. That and the plethora of fabrics we have to select from.