Stickley: the ultimate in design and durability

Paul Schatz Furniture has proudly been Oregon’s largest Stickley showroom for two decades. However, Stickley’s longevity goes back to the late 1800′s. Their philosophy, values, and high quality products align perfectly with Paul Schatz Furniture’s story. We want to share with you a little more about this distinguished company:

“The word that is best-loved in the language of every nation is HOME.” ~ Gustav Stickley


Over 100 years ago, Stickley first introduced Mission furniture. These simple and sturdy designs became an unrivaled standard of both exceptional beauty and construction. Today, Stickley continues this legacy by crafting both new and reissued designs in reverence of the solid and honest furniture of the American Arts and Crafts movement.

At the Stickley factory in upstate New York, skilled craftspeople create timeless works of art with loving hands, careful attention to detail, and an eye for unsurpassed design. From selecting the finest lumber, to creating the sturdiest construction features, and hand-finishing each piece of furniture, Stickley has perfected the entire furniture making process.


Stickley furniture is made in an environmentally conscious way: sustainable lumber, energy efficient technology, and factory heat provided by sawdust. The greenest aspect of all is that Stickley furniture is so high quality it lasts for generations – never taking up space in a landfill.

The construction techniques Stickley uses are reliable and wrought for centuries. Many are unique to the company. Among the distinctive Stickley features are dovetailed cross rails, side and center guided drawers and pinned chair joints. Not only do these characteristics offer aesthetics to a piece of furniture, they ensure lasting durability.

Beauty is revered in each piece of Stickley furniture, and especially in the finishing process. Complex techniques allow the natural grain of the wood to show through the finish. Clear dyes stop color from sinking into subsequent layers. Stains are applied by hand and penetrate into the wood fiber to blend with natural wood tones.

The designers at Paul Schatz Furniture are happy to share more information about our Stickley line. Come see us today to find your own Stickley heirloom.

Paul Schatz Furniture: the difference is in the designers

Here at Paul Schatz Furniture, every sales person is also an interior designer. We don’t hire anyone who doesn’t have a background in design.

What does that mean for you, our beloved customers? Quite a lot. When you buy at Paul Schatz Furniture, you consult with a designer who’s with you every step of the way and will help you create a sanctuary you’ll love.



Whether you’re focusing on a piece or two, a room, or an entire home, one of our 11 designers will customize a look and feel that is just right for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

We caught up with Sue Amos, our trade liaison and a designer here at the Tigard showroom since 1997.

“Buying furniture is an investment,” Sue noted. “When you purchase furniture here, you buy for longevity. Good design is timeless.”  She emphasized that design services are always complimentary.

To make the design and buying experience enjoyable, Sue shared some tips:

  1. Visit the showroom (instead of calling.) A designer will personally greet you and ask guided question to get a sense of what you’re looking for.
  2. Bring photos of your space and/or style of furniture you like. Snapshots or pictures on your phone will suffice.
  3. Sketch an outline of the room, noting windows, doorways, a fireplace, etc. It doesn’t have to be super-detailed; this just helps with the preliminary design.
  4. Include measurements in the sketch.
  5. Be crystal clear on your budget from the beginning.

After initial review of the photos and sketch, and a discussion of your needs, desires, and lifestyle, the designer will tour you through the store for ideas. Every single piece of furniture is customizable. 


According to Sue, 80% of all Paul Schatz Furniture customers place special orders. And special orders are the exact same price as furniture on display in the showroom.

Your designer will take as much time as you need at each consultation. They will also send home fabric samples with you to study and consider. Depending on the scope of the project, a designer may suggest a home visit.


Paul Schatz Furniture designers also use computer design programs to design the layout of a room or space. Sue also likes to use hand-trimmed pieces to physically maneuver on the layout.  These reveal the floor space in proportion to the furniture.

As the design project evolves, color is added. Your designer will provide a color palette to help you visualize the furniture and accessories more accurately.


From start to finish a special order for a redesign takes 10-12 weeks. If you buy furniture off the floor it will be delivered within two weeks.

Either way you choose, you can be confident you will enjoy the process and end up with timeless and superlative furniture for the price point. Sue pointed out that Paul Schatz Furniture has much less overhead than the big box stores, which means you enjoy much higher quality and better value for your dollars.

What are you waiting for? Come visit with a Paul Schatz Furniture designer today and start transforming your home into the sanctuary you’ve been dreaming of. And our Stickley Winter Sale is still going till February 4th!



Paul Schatz Furniture welcomed Eugene in 2014

Looking back on 2014, one of the highlights for Paul Schatz Furniture was launching our Eugene store.


Paul Schatz Furniture opened the Eugene showroom about 10 months ago and it’s been a mutual love affair ever since. After 95 years in the Portland area, why did we choose Eugene for our second store? It was a trifecta of location, opportunity, and leadership:

  1. Location – situated on the I-5 corridor, Eugene is the gateway to snow skiing, the coast, and accessible from northern California, southern and central Oregon, and the Willamette Valley. The performing arts influence from the Hult Center and the University of Oregon Ducks were also positive factors. Eugene is the perfect small big city to shop for furniture.
  2. Opportunity – The prestigious American manufacturing company, Stickley,  approached Paul Schatz and Carol Schatz, interested in establishing a store in Eugene to sell their hand-finished solid wood furniture.
  3. Leadership – Stickley and Paul Schatz Furniture unanimously selected Denver Harris to manage the Eugene store. With 37 years of industry expertise and 12+ years of selling Stickley furniture, it was the perfect fit.

Eugene2Last winter, a curious crowd gathered, stopping their vehicles and snapping photos the first day a Stickey semi truck  pulled up to the doors at the new Eugene store. But Stickley is just the beginning. Paul Schatz Furniture Eugene also features renowned furniture brands Century, Taylor King, Sherrill, Bradington Young, Bernhardt, Lexington, and Nichols & Stone. Paul Schatz Furniture sells treasured heirlooms of the future.


For a boutique furniture buying experience, there’s no need to look further. All 5300 square feet encompasses one-of-a-kind sofas, distinctive display cases and European cabinets, farm tables, formal dining tables, luxurious beds – unforgettable, durable pieces to transform every room in your home. We feature urban design, arts-and-crafts, industrial, traditional looks, and more.


The team of designers at Paul Schatz Furniture Eugene combine more than 60 years of experience. Each designer listens to your needs and desires to help you customize a welcoming environment you can’t wait to come home to. With Denver Harris’s breadth of experience in purchasing, merchandising, advertising, design, consulting, and customer service, you can be sure that Paul Schatz Furniture can help you find exactly what you’re looking for to beautify your home.


Paul Schatz Furniture is proud to continue and extend our legacy in Eugene of selling solid, beautiful, comfortable, honest furniture to Oregonians. If you haven’t visited us in Eugene, be sure to stop by sometime in 2015!


Give the perfect hostess gift from Paul Schatz Furniture

Season’s Greetings from Paul Schatz Furniture! Chances are you’ve been invited to a holiday party or two this season.

As you anticipate the merriment, don’t forget about bringing a thank-you gift for the hostess and/or host. Sometimes it’s hard to think beyond the typical bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers, so we’re here to help.

Get inspired by these snazzy ideas, and we guarantee when you arrive at your holiday soirée with a thoughtful gift, your host’s face will light up like a Christmas tree.


  • Anything handmade reflects your time and love, especially when packaged with festive wrapping. Even a bottle of bubbles or home-brewed cider looks more effervescent wrapped in a sprightly bag. Candy, cookies, jam, spiced nuts, drink mixers – you get the idea!


  • Salt and pepper shakers – a staple on every table and pantry. Go beyond function to unforgettable style with these adorable pig-shaped shakers.


  • Attention, gourmands. How about a pair of sleek oil and vinegar dispensers? These artful cruets will elevate any kitchen space and add a dash of fun to cooking.


  • Candles add warmth and ambiance any day of the year, and are practically synonymous with the holidays. One of Oprah’s favorites, red currant scented Votivo candles and candle votives are a can’t-miss gift.


  • Christmas decorations. A meaningful ornament, splashy vase, or classy hurricane is a welcome addition to anyone’s collection of holiday decor.


Feeling jolly yet? We thought so! Come visit us at Paul Schatz Furniture. We’re featuring several holiday-themed accessories and we’d love to help you pick out the perfect hostess gift. ’Tis the season!


Paul Schatz Furniture shares tips for a beautiful table top

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means the kick-off to holiday entertaining….particularly family gatherings  and dinner parties. Paul Schatz Furniture’s in-house designers can help you create a beautiful holiday table. Come into the store for ideas! And follow these easy tips to create a stunning table for small or large groups:

1. Invest in Classic White Dishes

For the biggest bang for your buck and a versatile, timeless look, use classic white dinnerware for entertaining. White dishes also show food to its best advantage— which is why the pros use them.


2. Pull Out Your Vintage China

Dinner parties and the holidays are a great time to use your heirloom china—or the mismatched collection of flea market finds you’ve collected. Either mix different sets with the same color family or unite different patterns by mixing in white dishes for a visual break.


3. Add a Table Runner

A white tablecloth is always classic, but you can add a layer of color and dimension to your table setting by choosing a runner cloth in a contrasting tone or design. Or leave a beautiful, textured wood table bare and simply use a table runner in the center.

4. Cloth Napkins Add Extra Elegance

Cloth napkins are one of the most classic ways to instantly dress up your table. Napkin rings aren’t necessary; simply fold napkins or roll and tie with a ribbon and a sprig of green. Don’t forget to iron napkins if you have time!


5. Make Place Cards

Handmade place cards at each setting cost little but make guests feel special. Simply write names on plain white or colored card stock using a metallic or black pen. For Thanksgiving, you could add paper for guests to jot down what they are thankful for!


6. Light Candles

Candles and their flickering glow are a simple way to add impact and atmosphere. Group pillar candles of different heights for the easiest of centerpieces (be sure to choose unscented candles to avoid clashing with the food).


7. Make a “Natural” Centerpiece

Find serving pieces, vases, pitchers, or bowls from your everyday collection and fill them with a sprig of fir, fruits, pinecones, or branches. After all, we are Oregonians with access to so much natural beauty!


8. Utilize a Buffet or Side Board

Set food up on a buffet next to the table to avoid overloading the table top and detracting from your decorations.

Don’t forget, Paul Schatz Furniture also offers gorgeous table top accessories, on sale now for the holidays!


The divine difference at Paul Schatz Furniture

Notice a “devine” difference at Paul Schatz Furniture?

Some of the Tigard showrooms at Paul Schatz recently got a divine refresh thanks to Devine Color paints. We love Devine for its luxuriously thick and creamy texture and illuminating colors. Specially formulated with premium-quality pigments that help colors and light radiate throughout a room, Devine Color is ideal for brightening up gray wintry days here in the Northwest.

Devine Humador enhances the richness of this room.

Devine Humador enhances the richness of this room.

Local artist and color consultant Gretchen Schauffler, originally from sunny Puerto Rico, founded Devine years ago when she moved to cloudy Portland. Inspired by the lush natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and yet missing the tropical hues of the Carribbean, birthed her vision for Devine Color. But don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself how Devine  enhances our showrooms here at Paul Schatz. And it can do the same for your home!

Devine Lobster makes these paintings and sofa pop.

Devine Lobster makes these paintings and sofa pop.

One of the reasons we’re spiffing up the place is in preparation for our Paw-fect Holiday Celebration this Thursday. It’s the “paw-fect” way to kick off the holiday festivities, get inspiration for table decor, and support our four-legged friends. Our sensational storewide sale will be happening, and a portion of Thursday’s sales will benefit Oregon Dog Rescue.

Enjoy complimentary appetizers and beverages, and raffle prizes, too!


Devine Melzi transforms ordinary walls into a bold and sophisticated room.

Raffle prizes include $1000 gift certificate for family portraits from Emily Andrews Portrait Design, $1000 gift certificate to Paul Schatz Furniture, and two tickets to a Portland Trail Blazer game.

Please join us this Thursday, November 13 at our Tigard store for all kinds of holiday cheer you won’t want to miss. Drop by any time between 4:00-8:00 pm. See you there!


All That Glitters is not Just Gold


Fall is nearly here, and with it, some new seasonal trends. One of our favorites is easy to implement in your own home with a few minor touches, since it involves two colors you most likely have in your home already. This autumn, black and gold is the new black.

Some metallics and colors go together like peanut butter and jelly, and the elegant combination of gold and black is one such pairing. In this union, black acts as a solid base, while gold takes up the accent role. The two colors — so seemingly opposing — have the effect of offering a chic and fitted look for your home. Take a look at the photos below for some inspiration.

Inspiration and Purpose in Interior Design


Paul Schatz Furniture Interior Designer, Laura Ryder, took a few moments to share a little bit of insight into what interior design is really about, and how working with clients to achieve their dream look entails. Here’s what she had to say: 

Each design scenario is so different, we don’t (or should not) design for our personal preferences but for the sensibilities of our clients, so a broad stroke is difficult.

For me, my job is to take the broad picture or “feeling” a client wants and make sure it has balance and unity and that the scale is appropriate, while ensuring great circulation and movement. Then, it’s my job to unify the space with the adjacent spaces. Not very exciting stuff, until you get the room that feels right and flows with the rest of the home!

Nature is my first inspiration; color combinations in flowers or sunsets; the steel gray sky against the spring green leaves and so on. Most of the time, I will try to draw the colors from the view into the room to elongate the spatial perception and flow. This doesn’t always work but most times it can have impact.

So far as accessorizing goes, odd numbers and vignettes are the key for me. I prefer groupings rather than single “things” placed throughout the room.

I love Paul Schatz Furniture because we change weekly; we add new accessories weekly and constantly change things up. That proves to a homeowner that sometimes simply moving things around can freshen a room and make them notice one thing over another. That and the plethora of fabrics we have to select from.